Designer Outdoor Pillows

My front porch was lacking a bit of something something, so I decided to make these fabulous outdoor pillows. The bold pattern and bright colour look great and they only take minutes to make. I purchased one yard of fabric at Fabricland and was happy to see the wide selection of outdoor fabrics. This particular fabric was on sale for $11.00 a yard and made 4 pillows. The stuffing was $8.00 for a large bag so each pillow came out to around $4.50 each. What a great deal, I usually see similar type pillows for about $20.00 each however, my new cushions are taylor made to match my porch.

Cut two 18″w x 14″h pieces of fabric. Turn them around so that the pattern is facing each other. Sew all the way around leaving a 1/4″ safety and leave an open gap so that you can fill the pillow. Cut a triangle piece off of the corners so that they will look like sharp points when stuffed. Turn the sewn fabric right side out and fill the gap with stuffing. Ensure that you push the stuffing tightly into the corners. Once the pillow is full, fold the opening gap fabric under so that there will be no freying and sew the seam together. Now you have a beautiful designer pillow, custom made with fabric to suit your style.