As you can tell by now I love anything relating to design. I was always interested in design, even as a young child I played for hours in the basement where I had a full design studio set up. I even had client lists with colour swatches attached to them. My mom was so great in letting “me be me”, she set up an art table which allowed me to design all day. She would let me create room designs, even when she thought my choices would have looked horrible and was always surprised when the finished room would totally work. She said that I always knew exactly what I wanted when I would design something and that I would insist it was done a certain way. Nothing has changed there. I was so fortunate to have my mom allow me to bring my creations to life. I try to do the same with my two children. They are both very creative, as well as my husband who is a college professor in TV and new media. We find ourselves spending many days designing or crafting as a whole family.

I went on to University where I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science. I worked full time for a year and thought that I had better get into something more creative so I went to college for 3 years and received a Diploma in Graphic Design. I have been an Art Director and Graphic Designer for 20 years now. I began in the publications industry designing for Century Home Magazine, where my love of home decor expanded. I went on to design for The Bombay Company where I was a designer in the advertising department. I spent most of my time though, with the guys in the warehouse looking at all the furniture, accessories and home products.

My experience led me to become a Creative Services Manager, in the Professional Division at McGraw Hill Ryerson, a large publishing company. I then went on to start my own company, designing model homes for a new home builder and helping clients choose interior finishes in thier homes and businesses as well as continuing graphic design, art directing and marketing for clients. I ended up taking on way too much work and I allowed negative people to dictate my create freedom. I felt myself disconnecting, I was full of anxiety and was not a happy person. I decided to take a huge break and “fired” most of my clients. I only kept two clients that I absolutely loved working with. Despite leaving a six figure income, I slowly gained peace and feel a world of difference. I only take on projects that I want to design and am lucky to work with some great people. I am now better for my family and friends and have found love in crafting, diying and designing.

I hope you all enjoy some of the fun and creative ideas on this site and encourage you to create with your family and friends. For some ideas, check out the project gallery page. You can also view my portfolio to see some of the designs I have done for clients over the years.