Living Room Makeover


One of my favourite things to do is take an outdated space and give it new life. Well this summer I worked with a fantastic client who had not touched her living room since 1985. Naturally I was thrilled! With her love of entertaining family and friends, she needed a bright and happy space that could reflect her colourful personality. Continue reading

Tomato Time


I know it has been a long time since my last post, but I have basically spent my entire summer designing a very cool book for an amazing client. I will post pics soon. On another note, the Dill Pickles that we made for the very first time turned out amazing! Thank you to Eric’s grandmother Alice for that unique family recipe.

So, now that it is September, and being part Italian, it’s our annual Tomato Time! This is the time of year that we take gorgeous roma tomatos and turn them into a stockpile of the most freshest, tasty jarred tomato sauce that we will enjoy for the entire year. Our family has been doing this for years. Our kids started participating when they were so young and still love the tradition. I remember watching my italian grandparents do this every year in their basement. We do all of this in my parent’s garage, who live across the street from us. Continue reading

Artisan Beer Bread


My husband Eric has been at it again. He has made and written about making Homemade Butter, his Grandmother’s Homemade Dill Pickles, and now Artisan Beer Bread. Here is his post.

There are only a few things in life that are universally loved, and one of those things is fresh baked bread. It’s magical. Even gluten intolerant people will agree that the smell is intoxicating, and will risk the repercussions for just one bite. I always thought that you needed a fancy oven and to get up at 4 in the morning to make bread. False, all you need a big cast iron Dutch oven and some patience. The rest is easy. I am not a baker. I think that the measuring and exact quantities take the feel out of cooking. I’m one of those cooks that does almost everything by feel and taste. So baking is one of those things that I have always avoided. I was inspired by a fantastic book by Yvette Van Boven called Homemade. She has expanded my cooking repertoire by showing how to make things I thought only experienced chefs could do. This bread recipe is one of them. This is the first loaf of bread that I’ve made and it turned out awesome! If I can do it, anyone who follows these steps can do it too. Continue reading

Recycled Art

Recycled-Art1F This summer, most of the walls in our house will be painted a creamy white. I am in the process of creating and shopping for colourful accessories to balance out all of the white. I am drawn to watery colours so I am looking for tones of blues, aquas and even some pale greens. Last month I painted this canvas in these colourful tones that will definitely inject some bright colour on our white walls. Continue reading