Priceless Valentine’s Day Card

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, there is no excuse to skip out on giving a special someone this Priceless Valentine’s Day Card. Not only is this card easy to make, it is absolutely free since you most likely have a piece of blank paper laying around somewhere. By writing 100 things that you love about the person, this card will be one of the best gifts that you could ever give.

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Holly Jolly Ornaments

A few posts ago, I gave a tutorial on how to make these Easy DIY Christmas Trees. With the extra foam leaf cutouts I created these sweet, dainty holly jolly paper ornaments. Holly because of Christmas, Jolly because they are so sweet they make me happy and more ornament designs because I had to resourcefully fill an eight foot Christmas tree, and it was a big one! Continue reading

Kids Christmas Crafts

Wow, what an amazing weekend! I was featured on 4 blogs, had an on-camera interview for the local community tv station and with the help of my husband, got the outside of the Holiday Home done too! The Crafty Christmas Ornaments were featured on, Uncommon Design’s 12 Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Someday Crafts and on Coastal Charm’s Facebook page. My Easy DIY Christmas Tree was featured on Tatertots & Jello’s 20 Amazing Holiday Ideas. I am so flattered to be amongst so many great creative projects out there!

I am wrapping things up for the Holiday Home Tour, and when I say “wrapping” I literally mean “wrapping”. I found this cute printed wrapping paper at HomeSense that fits in with the bright green and red of our Traditional Family Theme. I love the dots and the chevron pattern and have used them throughout the house on various projects. I will post those soon. The kids and I wrapped paper towel rolls with the wrapping paper and tied a ribbon at each section. These crackers look fun and festive and will bring a nostalgic feeling to the space. Continue reading

Christmas Joy Painted Sign

With such a limited budget for the Holiday Home Tour, I have to be resourceful and come up with inexpensive Christmas decor. The Coaster Ornaments and the Crafty Christmas Ornaments were so fun and festive looking, I wanted to create more pieces to carry the feeling to other areas of the house.

I had this scrap piece of wood and thought that it would be perfect for a sign that simply says “Joy”. I turned the “O” in joy into an ornament by filling it in and dabbing coloured dots on it. I painted a top and a hook on the ornament to finish the look.

We used to live in an old renovated school house in the country and I used the old library wooden shelves to make vintage looking signs. This turned into a business and were sold in many stores. I would use some tricks to create a weathered look such as painting the wood first with a darker colour, here I used red. I paint a coat of Modge Podge and then a coat of white paint over that. When the Modge Podge dries, it pulls the paint apart creating cracks and lines. I then rub black paint into the craked areas, wiping most of it off to leave it mainly white. To finish off that rustic look, I use sandpaper to roughen up the edges to look worn.


I trace out the letters, and lightly brush the paint on leaving some white areas to show through.


I finish off by painting the sides, in this case I used the red. If your sign is made for outdoor use, you will have to use a protective sealant.

This sign will look great on a mantle or sideboard and is right in line with our theme of a Traditional Family Christmas for the Holiday Home Tour.