Recycled Art

Recycled-Art1F This summer, most of the walls in our house will be painted a creamy white. I am in the process of creating and shopping for colourful accessories to balance out all of the white. I am drawn to watery colours so I am looking for tones of blues, aquas and even some pale greens. Last month I painted this canvas in these colourful tones that will definitely inject some bright colour on our white walls. Continue reading

Dill Pickles

From the post written by my husband Eric on making Homemade Butter, we all know that he is an adventurous foodie. Here is Eric’s written post on attempting Dill Pickles.

Our monthly Costco run always has us picking up things that we sometimes never get around to finishing before they go bad. An unfortunate fact of bulk shopping. Well this trip I saw a large bag of pickling cucumbers. I knew these weren’t going to waste. It wasn’t long ago cleaning out a drawer that I came across my Grandmother Alice’s recipe for her Garlic Dills. My mother had transferred the recipe into a book of all our family’s favourites. My grandmother’s pickles are my favourite of all time. The right kind of sour, the perfect hit of garlic, and a firm crunch, make them winners. I remember going to the basement of my grandparents house, and there on wood shelves, were rows and rows of pickles. I always had strict instructions of what shelf to pick from, because if you noticed, they take 12 weeks until ready. Alice never labeled her pickles but knew from the location on the shelves which ones were ready. Since my Grandmother’s passing 30 years ago, no one in my family has attempted to re-create these sour green jewels, until today. If you’re brave you can try right along with us, but we won’t know how they turn out until August. Continue reading

Today is a Good Day Painted Canvas


With Spring now here I am feeling the need for some new colours in my home. I had an old, beaten up canvas that was lying around so I thought this is the perfect way to inject some bold bright colour into a space.

I painted a similar canvas for the Holiday Home Tour last Christmas with the words Merry and Bright. The painting was sold at the tour and I have been wanting to paint another ever since. I love how the backround looks like rustic painted wooden planks. So many visitors at the Home Tour actually thought that it was made out of real wood. Continue reading

Craft Containers


My desk area has been neglected lately so I thought that I would do some re-organizing. Like most creative people I have a mountain of craft supplies and without proper storage, these items end up all over my desk and around my office. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to be creative when my office is a mess. I’ve found that I like small containers that I can have quick access to. These small tin cans that would have normally gone into the recycling box, work perfectly as craft containers. Continue reading