Living Room Makeover


One of my favourite things to do is take an outdated space and give it new life. Well this summer I worked with a fantastic client who had not touched her living room since 1985. Naturally I was thrilled! With her love of entertaining family and friends, she needed a bright and happy space that could reflect her colourful personality. Continue reading

Recycled Art

Recycled-Art1F This summer, most of the walls in our house will be painted a creamy white. I am in the process of creating and shopping for colourful accessories to balance out all of the white. I am drawn to watery colours so I am looking for tones of blues, aquas and even some pale greens. Last month I painted this canvas in these colourful tones that will definitely inject some bright colour on our white walls. Continue reading

Annual Girls Getaway in Calabogie


One of my oldest and dearest friends and I started going away on annual girls getaways. Last year went to a yoga retreat for three days, this year we stayed at a lodge in Calabogie for five days. Five whole days of relaxation, flipping through magazines, hiking, swimming and of course shopping. Continue reading

Vacation Photos as Art

Last summer we were so fortunate to spend a month in Italy. My dad was born in Italy and we have heard all the stories and seen pictures growing up but to experience it in person was unbelievable. We started in Rome and worked our way to Florence and through Tuscany and ended up in Vasto, my dad’s hometown. We saw so many beautiful sites and met amazing family and friends. Continue reading