Coaster Ornaments

With the Christmas Home Tour fast approaching and a very little budget to work from, I thought of creating these inexpensive ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. They are made from cork coasters and once painted and stencilled they look like store bought pricey ornaments. They add a great deal of colour to the tree as well as filling in a lot of space. Perfect for the huge 8 foot tree we will be featuring in the house and they fit in nicely with the Traditional Family Christmas theme that we are going for.

These coasters had a logo on the back of them, we just painted over it with red paint.
We then printed out the reindeer shape on the same size circle as the coaster.
Once the reindeer is traced and cut out of a sheet of plastic, it is placed over the painted coaster.
We dabbed white paint on the stencil with a sponge until it was filled in. Be sure to dab away any excess paint from your sponge before you stencil. Carefully remove the stencil and touch up any mottled areas with a paint brush. I love seeing all the ornaments at this stage, like mass produed home-made crafts.
These painted ornaments are very simple and inexpensive to make. My kids and neice loved painting the coasters and stencilling on the white paint. They also created these cute snowflake designs on some of them. For the round dots just dip the end of your paintbrush into white paint and dot away. There are so many designs you could create, you could even add glitter.
Cut a hole in the top with a hole punch and tie a ribbon through. You now have a very inexpensive set of coaster ornaments to add colour and style to your Christmas tree.

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