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My desk area has been neglected lately so I thought that I would do some re-organizing. Like most creative people I have a mountain of craft supplies and without proper storage, these items end up all over my desk and around my office. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to be creative when my office is a mess. I’ve found that I like small containers that I can have quick access to. These small tin cans that would have normally gone into the recycling box, work perfectly as craft containers.Craft-Containers8F


I washed out the tin cans and peeled off the labels and then wrapped the top and bottom with a strip of white duct tape. This created a smooth top as well as a clean white border. I made cuts down the duct tape so that when it was folded down it would taper nicely and not crease as much. Be careful when handling the tin cans, the edges can be sharp.


I was given some discontinued wallpaper sample books from my local Benjamin Moore store that I used for the Monogrammed Art a while back. To wrap the containers I used a vinyl wood grain paper and cut it to size.


With some double sided tape I rolled the paper onto the tins pressing firmly as I went along. If your paper was thick enough, you could use hot glue as well.


I love the look of this wood grain textured paper, it even has some knots through it. The crisp white duct tape gives a nice trim to the containers.


You could use some thick scrap booking paper as well. Think of all the colours, patterns and textures you could use. They would work great for jewelry, nails and screws in the garage, or even for quick access to spices like salt and pepper.


Not only do these craft containers hold quite a bit, my supplies are at arms reach and they look great as well, oh, and cost nothing to make!

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