Easy DIY Christmas Tree

I have been crafting, shopping and designing like mad in preparation for the Holiday Home Tour that takes place next week. I needed some items with height to add colour and to fill space and thought that creating these foam Christmas trees would not only be inexpensive, they would be easy to make as well.

I took a piece of bristol board and turned it into a cone shape and taped up the side to keep it held together. I purchased these fabulous bright green foam sheets at Michaels and drew on a simple leaf shape. I cut the leaf out and traced it in rows onto the foam. I loved cutting out all of the leaves. The foam cuts so smoothly, I found it so relaxing.


With a glue gun, my daughter would squeeze a dab onto the top of each leaf and I would place them side by side starting at the bottom. With the both of us it went very fast. I left half of the leaf to overhang so that they bend and create a nice bottom curve to the tree. Once you have the first row around the tree done, place the next row starting in the middle of two leaves and half way down. This ensures to cover the bristol board. Continue this all the way around. I used smaller leaves for the top rows to finish it off.


15 thoughts on “Easy DIY Christmas Tree

  1. Thanks Chrissy! They fit in perfectly with the fun and festive red and bright green theme I am going for this year and they were super easy to make.

    • Thank you Jen! It really helps create that fun and festive look I am going for this Christmas. I hope you keep coming back to see how the house I am decorating for the Holiday Home Tour turns out!

  2. Like a lot of other people, I am going nuts over cone Christmas trees this year, and making some of my own. I’m pinning your tutorial on my Pinterest Board for Tabletop Trees. I made a similar one, but I used two colors of felt, and I used a styrofoam base, pushing two small straight pins into each leaf to fasten it. What a mistake! It took me ALL DAY! I like it, but I like your approach better. So, thanks for the lesson.

    • I would love to see your felt trees Barbara! I will take a look on your website. The foam was great to work with, it cut beautifully and was so easy to hot glue.

  3. Hey There!! We are considering doing this craft for our MOPS group this Christmas -one question that I had – how many sheets of foam did you use total to make both of those Christmas trees?

    trying to figure out if we can make this within our budget



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