Pottery Barn Inspired Sign

I saw this office sign online at Pottery Barn and thought it would look great in my office, and then I thought, hmmm, I could make that. With a piece of wood from Michaels, some paint, foam, bristol board and glue, I now have a similar looking sign for my office. The Pottery Barn version was $75.87 on sale, I made this sign for $2, which was basically the cost of the wood.

I typed out the letters to fit the 11.75”w x 3.75”h piece of wood purchased from Michaels. I painted the wood white and cut out a frame out of thick foam, you could also use foam core. I printed the typed out letters and traced them onto a piece of black bristol board. I cut-out the letters very carefully, and also rounded the corners on the bristol board cut out.  I glued the frame onto the painted wood, and then centered the black bristol board with the letters cut out. Don’t forget the middle piece of the “O”. You can see the white painted wood showing through the letters. I finished the sign off by painting the sides black to match the foam frame.

I love the crisp contrast of the black and white, and the chunkiness of the foam frame that gives this sign some dimension. It can be placed on a shelf or it can be hung up on a door.


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