Rustic Fall Decor

I love decorating for the seasons. This is an opportunity to change things up around my home and re-purpose some unique pieces that I love. I have this this old wooden bowl that was given to us by our friends that we keep out all year long. By filling it with different seasonal items, I can change up the look without spending a lot of money. Sometimes it is filled with an abundance of lemons, limes, peaches, green apples or mixed fruit.  At other times it is filled with draped herbs from our garden, candles or wicker balls. For the Fall I like to use red apples. I love the rustic and worn look created from years of being used as a dough bowl, with the bright red colour of the apples. For a few dollars, the look is totally transformed many times throughout the year just by re-using one rustic, unique, loved bowl.

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