Easy DIY Christmas Tree

I have been crafting, shopping and designing like mad in preparation for the Holiday Home Tour that takes place next week. I needed some items with height to add colour and to fill space and thought that creating these foam Christmas trees would not only be inexpensive, they would be easy to make as well.

I took a piece of bristol board and turned it into a cone shape and taped up the side to keep it held together. I purchased these fabulous bright green foam sheets at Michaels and drew on a simple leaf shape. I cut the leaf out and traced it in rows onto the foam. I loved cutting out all of the leaves. The foam cuts so smoothly, I found it so relaxing.


With a glue gun, my daughter would squeeze a dab onto the top of each leaf and I would place them side by side starting at the bottom. With the both of us it went very fast. I left half of the leaf to overhang so that they bend and create a nice bottom curve to the tree. Once you have the first row around the tree done, place the next row starting in the middle of two leaves and half way down. This ensures to cover the bristol board. Continue this all the way around. I used smaller leaves for the top rows to finish it off.


Summer 2012 Poster

This was one of the best summers that our family has ever had. We were so fortunate for all four of us to have most of the summer off this year. The weather was exceptional, with so many beautiful hot sunny days, we spent most of our time at the beach and touring around our area. We visited wineries, cheese factories, numerous vegetable and fruit stands and country markets. We enjoyed local faire with artisan prepared meals made with local ingredients. We even tried windsurfing and paddleboarding, which was so much fun. I wanted to place our memories and beautiful photos onto a poster so that we could see the whole summer at a glance.

I chose 30 of our favourite photos and altered each one in Instagram. You could also use Photoshop and play around with the colour balance if you don’t have Instagram. I set my page size as 11”w x 14”h. I imported a frame from google images and copied and pasted 6 rows of 5 frames, equally spaced. I used a casual script to title the poster “Summer 2012”. I turned the file into a jpeg and then sent it off to the photocenter at Walmart. You can do this online, and pick it up in an hour. So convenient, and the cost was only $5.00 for the print. I found this great white frame from Michaels. The beadboard detail really compliments the beachy photos. Once the corners are taped and the poster set nicely in the frame you can now enjoy your summer all in one glance.