Festive Painted Canvas

The Holiday Home Tour starts tomorrow night, yikes! I am going to be staging and adding the finishing touches today. I needed a large piece to go above the bed in the master bedroom so I designed this festive painted canvas. At 39”w x 31”h it is sure to add punch to the space. With a roughed up wood look in the backround and the bright red paint, the white words really jump off the canvas. Continue reading

Re-Invented Rocks

The other day we took the kids and our dog Jackson down to the lake to collect some rocks. It was a gorgeous sunny day, we all had a great time and Jackson loved swimming in the water. We ended up finding some great rocks of all shapes and sizes. Everyone got involved, even my husband. I didn’t even know he could paint and he ended up creating a gorgeous owl and a tribal mask. We created colourful little monsters, various characters even an ice cream cone. This was a great craft for the whole family. It brought out such creativity and was virtually free since we already had the paint and brushes. You could even store the rocks and bring them out for a rainy day craft.

This craft is very easy and so relaxing at the same time. All you have to do is collect some various sizes of rocks. Smooth rocks work well. Lay out a drop cloth or paper to protect your work surface. Draw a design on your rock with a pencil, then fill it in with paint. Once the paint is dry, use a Sharpie marker and outline your design. The black outline will make your design pop. Then enjoy your creations.